On May 10, the pre-sale of tokens from sporttoken.io on the Coin-Galaxy exchange will begin

The primary stage of the sale of NFT tokens of the sporttoken.io platform will take place on the Coin-Galaxy exchange.

To implement all the functionality of the sporttoken.io platform on the website and in mobile applications, it is planned to issue 2,100,000 tokens and sell them at the price at which users are ready to purchase them.

On May 10, a token sale from sporttoken.io will begin on the Coin-Galaxy exchange at an initial price of $0.9. 50,000 platform tokens will be released into circulation.

Soon it will be possible to buy and sell these tokens within the sporttoken.io platform for the Matic cryptocurrency.

Sporttoken.io is a platform for interaction between athletes, clubs and fans based on blockchain technologies in the NFT segment.

At the beginning of May 2022, the platform introduced the functionality of creating NFT athletes from the MMA industry, including ratings of fighters, tournament announcements and live online broadcasts. Gradually, other sports will be added to the platform: boxing, judo, hockey, football, basketball, and so on.

Opportunities for NFT users

At sporttoken.io, fans can financially support their favorite athletes by purchasing NFTs with their names on them. By purchasing and collecting NFT athletes, fans earn on the growth in their value.

For each of the athletes, the platform provides complete information and statistics, which helps to determine which NFT is the most profitable to buy.

The platform token will allow its holders to:

  • buy NFT athletes;
  • bet on matches and tournaments between clubs, fights and games between athletes;
  • participate in the development of the platform.

50,000 tokens will be sold on presale, 800,000 tokens will be sold to major media outlets, and 1,150,000 tokens will be sold on various exchanges to attract a wide audience to the platform, as stated in the company’s Whitepaper.

The developers will keep 100,000 tokens for themselves, which will be fully realized after 2025, since it is only possible to sell 1,000 tokens per month.

20% of the net profit will be used to buy back tokens at any price, which will allow early investors to make a profit of 10-30 times more than the amount of the initial purchase, the developers are sure.

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