OpenSea blacklisted $27M NFTs

The largest platform for trading non-fungible tokens, OpenSea, has compiled a blacklist that includes the best collections of Azuki, BAYC, CloneX, Moonbirds and MAYC, NFTs worth about $27 million.

According to Dune Analytics, OpenSea flagged NFTs as stolen or involved in suspicious activity totaling 24,000 ETH.

In this way, OpenSea is trying to prevent the sale of these tokens and protect future NFT holders from losses. Previously, the platform received complaints that OpenSea does not conduct a thorough investigation into the theft of NFTs and, moreover, delays their blacklisting.

At the same time, OpenSea’s actions have drawn criticism from platform users. One of the claims is that the report of the theft of a crypto asset is notifying, and therefore, anyone can report the theft of an NFT, although in fact no theft occurs.

OpenSea users demanded that the platform provide transparency in the procedure for blocking stolen assets, as well as evidence that this NFT was indeed stolen.

In June, OpenSea warned users and acknowledged an email address leak that could have exposed customers to a phishing attack.

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