OpenSea invests in NFT startup, a platform that allows you to create NFTs in minutes, has raised $4.5M in a funding round led by venture capital firm Eden Block. Among large investors, the popular NFT trading platform OpenSea has also become popular.

The creators of the startup came up with the idea of ​​their development as soon as they saw the current system for creating and selling NFTs on many platforms. In their opinion, NFT trading and the process of issuing tokens is not ideal. The key factors behind their assessment were the lack of technical knowledge, various transaction problems, including high gas fees, pushing newcomers to the space away from creating and selling their NFTs.

OpenSea invests in NFT startup

When creating large-scale projects, you need to deploy a smart contract, create a website, release your digital art and further promote it. On the platform, you can create NFTs faster, the creators of the project assure.

The gas fee will also be cheaper. The creators are confident that after the merger of Ethereum, the main blockchain for NFT projects, the commissions in the network will be lower.

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