OVR Earth Map: Largest detailed 3D real world map with NFT

NFT, OVR Land Mapping: metaversion on another level

OVR offers to create a 3D map of the world based on simple photographs, without lidar or other expensive equipment, only using smartphones and artificial intelligence. All OVR users will be able to contribute to the creation of the largest detailed 3D map of the real world.

This revolutionary technology of an open mapping system will take the OVR AR Metaverse to a new level: currently, when geolocating an AR asset in OVRLand, there is a limitation of GPS accuracy, which has a meter error in the open air and is completely unreliable indoors, and the scanned OVRLand will have a localization accuracy of up to 0 cm.

New AR experience with NFT

Thus, new opportunities are opening up for creating AR experiences that were previously technically impracticable: localization on a specific wall or monument on the street, precise overlay of AR on existing buildings, and so on … No other platform, neither in the blockchain nor in the traditional world has not currently embodied this.

But it’s not just about AR precision and creating a broader bridge between the physical and digital worlds; it is also about creating a new economy on the OVR.

For example, Axie Infinity has demonstrated the potential for making money. It allowed players to make a living in the Metavers.

Amazing infrastructure with NFT

OVR, thanks to its technology, will unleash the potential of Map to Earn, and the company will allow the OVRLand crowd of scanners to earn OVR tokens for scans of physical locations using a smartphone.

The company expects these activities to be subsidized by OVR with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of OVRLand, OVRLand owners and utilities that will use the OVR platform to fill the landscape of their territories.

Over the past year, users have visited over a million places, collected tokens and inflicted 300,000 sq. km to the map.

More than 6,000 investors answered the question of which parts of the world should be mapped by voting for the most important places in the world.

Davide Cattini, CEO of OVR, talks about the future of AR Metaverses:

“When I imagine a world where reality and virtuality are fused together, where thanks to small contact lenses I cannot distinguish real projections from unreal ones, crowdsourced 3D scanning of the world is a fundamental building block for creating a new infrastructure. Without fully understanding the real world using artificial intelligence models available from commodity devices, no AR platforms are going to get real adoption. I think OVR is in the right direction to democratize access to this amazing new way of living your life! “

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