This project captivates with futurism and attention to detail. You will appreciate these things, but for now, let’s look at the insides of the Parallel.

History Parallel: briefly

Earthly life will never be the same again.  Energy has become increasingly scarce. Scientists worldwide frantically try to find salvation. An attempt to obtain new energy – failed. People are fleeing the earth. And in different parts of the universe they give the beginnings of parallel civilizations. After the event = priming on the ground, she is safe again.People are returning, but these are already parallel civilizations.

Isolated from one another since the exodus, the Parallels came face to face for the first time, and each claimed their sole right to have Earth. Their right… as Humans.

Conflict was inevitable, and the outcome is still unknown.

Parallels variety


Very cool done. Now you understand what I said at the beginning. All cards are available in cards. Enjoy the view:

Paradox Beta

After connecting to Paradox Beta, you need at least one prime key in your connected wallet to access The Paradox. On Opensea. Prime Key is not cheap, as you can see. But at the time of writing, it has been bought over 300 times.

PackS available on first login

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