Petersburg gallery launched an NFT platform on the Free TON blockchain

The Third Place cultural space located in St. Petersburg has announced the launch of the Third Place NFT NFT platform, which runs on the Free TON blockchain. According to the press release, the site’s peculiarity is in focusing on projects related to real-world art objects:

“Through the platform, artists and galleries will have the opportunity to tokenize their work, as well as register and sell exclusive rights to their works.”

Issuing your own token from the Third Place NFT team

The Third Place NFT team plans to issue its own token, which will give its holders “curatorial rights” and will be able to vote on submitted works, thereby highlighting the truly valuable art.

At the first stage, the project tokens will be distributed among the “influencers in the field of art” who participated in the launch of the platform. As the project develops, new participants will be able to receive management tokens as a reward for their activity.

What is Third Place NFT planning?

In addition to trading in art through the NFT, Third Place NFT plans to create a “collective private gallery of classic art.” As part of this project, Third Place plans to search for art objects on the market and, in partnership with a number of major Russian museums, to verify their authenticity.

The rights to use the found items will be formalized in the form of NFT, which will go on sale on Third Place NFT. The price of one token, reflecting a share in the right, will depend on the size of the art object and its value, and will vary from $ 1,000 to $ 30,000. The art objects themselves will be handed over for a temporary exhibition in partner museums, and then they will be exhibited in the art gallery “Third Place “.

“We plan to exhibit the cultural property acquired through NFT technology in public spaces. We are also busy with the selection of new art objects for purchase. In general, the list of paintings of interest to us for the next year has already been formed and now legal issues are being worked out, and the task of booking work is being solved. Our ambitious goal for 2022 is the purchase and import into the country of about 10 paintings by great masters, primarily the impressionists, “said Olga Zvagolskaya, founder of the Third Place.

The “Third Place” space, which opened in August 2020 in St. Petersburg, is the official ambassador of Free TON. It is located in the Lopukhins and Naryshkins’ mansion on Liteiny Prospekt and includes bars and cafes with an inner courtyard, as well as an art gallery and a lecture hall.

Earlier Free TON developers introduced True NFT technology. In addition, the new project partner is a platform for HTML5 games called GamepadBot.

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