Playboy launches new NFT project – Rabbitars

Playboy, the cult lifestyle and entertainment magazine, uses its iconography, heritage and knowledge in the upcoming Playboy Rabbitars NFT collection. As the name suggests, this project perpetuates the brand’s globally recognized logo as a complete NFT collectible.

Playboy is doubling down on the NFT. The brand first hit the stage last spring with their Liquid Summer collection in collaboration with artist Slimesunday. It was a huge commercial success: the entire collection sold out in less than three minutes. He then released his NFT collection in Miami Beach on SuperRare, in time for the Bitcoin 2021 conference.

What’s in the Playboy Rabbitars NFT collection?

The project positions rabbits as a rare species inhabiting the mythical meta-universe of Levertia. They possess extraordinary speed, cunning, cultural sophistication, sharp wit, and in some cases, sexual prowess.

Some of Rabbitar’s rarest traits are inspired by culturally significant aspects of Playboy’s art and editorial history. The team wants to see ownership of Rabbitar NFT turn into ownership of a piece of Playboy history. As such, some of the characters wear the brand’s clothing and accessories, such as Bunny Ears, Rabbit Head hoodies and Playmate’s signature necklace.

Moreover, the project contains countless references to past authors, materials and Playboy muses. As you browse through the NFT collection, you will discover countless Easter eggs that will reveal the true meaning of the characters. For example, some features of rabbit avatars reimagine the images of past authors Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Leroy Neumann.

How about a utility?

The Rabbitars NFT collection is the brainchild of Playboy’s dedicated Web3 innovation team. To bring this project to life, they partnered with Possible Studios and WENEW. An art studio and technology company are responsible for ensuring that both novices and OG NFT enthusiasts are excited about the collection.

The magazine believes blockchain is the perfect way to create offers for Playboy memberships. Thus, owning a Rabbitar automatically makes you a part of the club. Moreover, it also means that you are one of the first pioneers of the famous brand’s journey into the world of Web3.

According to the website, each Rabbitar is a key that unlocks all Playboy’s capabilities on the blockchain. This will give NFT owners exclusive access to artist collaborations, events and experiences between the IRL and Metaverse. This means that the Rabbitar community is the beginning of a true blockchain-based Playboy membership.

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