Prime Numbers expands to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

Learn more about Prime Numbers, a dynamic cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem


Prime Numbers, a vibrant cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem, has added more blockchain networks to its ecosystem in an effort to expand its reach and bring more value to its users. These two new chains are Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. It is expected that this new development will push the project towards the desire to attract more users and offer more interesting rewards to their owners.

big milestone

Prime Numbers was originally launched on the XDC network to become the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and gaming project.

However, despite the huge success achieved, the project decided to expand its presence to two leading blockchain networks, Ethereum networks and Binance Smart Chain.

Ethereum is perhaps the most extensive and widely used blockchain network in the world. Adding it to the Prime Numbers ecosystem will help them attract more investors to the project.

On the other hand, Binance Smart Chain is not far behind the Ethereum network in terms of adoption and utility. However, its ease of use, transaction speed and low transaction fees will make it a significant advantage in moving this project towards lower users.

Prime number reward structure

The native token of the Prime Numbers ecosystem is PRNT. PRNT tokens have multiple use cases, including staking, DAO management, buying assets on the Prime Numbers gaming platform, and many other utilities that continue to evolve as infrastructure is added to the ecosystem.

Prime Numbers has a reward structure that provides a win-win for everyone. 30% of the initial income of the NFT will be directed to the student scholarship fund, 30% to support the development of the project, 35% as a reward to all PRNT holders, and the remaining 5% to the team.

In addition, using the NFT Royalty Standard, NFT holders will receive 50% of all resale royalties, meaning that all NFT holders receive 2.5% of the sale price of each NFT out of the 5% royalty reduction. The share of each holder depends on the set multiplier, which depends on both the level and the rarity of the NFT. The remaining 2.5% then goes to the Prime Numbers DAO, of which 1% is automatically sent to the Student Scholarship Fund.

PRNT holders can also level up their NFTs to increase their rewards. In addition, everyone who took part in the pre-sale, private sale and seed round has exceptional earning potential as they receive special one-time NFTs.

Prime Numbers NFT staking mechanism

The reward system of Prime Numbers is intertwined with the NFT staking mechanism. Holders are expected to stake their PRNT tokens in NFTs in order to receive various rewards through prime numbers. However, tokens can be withdrawn from the NFT at any time by “hacking” the NFT.

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