Quik.com launches NFT domain release feature

The Quik.com portal has launched a service for creating NFT domains for cryptocurrency owners and users of the metaverse.
Variants of NFT domain names for happycoin

The cost of issuing a non-fungible token ranges from 0.12 to 0.30 ETH (from $182 to $456) depending on the first level domain name. The cheapest domains were .bored, .doge and .shib, while the most expensive were .metaverse and .vr.

NFT domains are non-fungible tokens issued on the Ethereum and BNB Chain networks. Owners of unique coins can resell them and get an impressive profit. In particular, the price of the ape.metaverse domain reaches 2,000 ETH ($3 million). In addition, Quik.com will transfer 5% of the asset trading volume to token creators.

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