Rammstein vocalist has a bad business with NFT

Non-fungible tokens of Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann are posted on NFT’s fledgling marketplace “Twelve x Twelve”: a limited edition of ten copies of the NFT video clip for the Soviet song “Favorite City”.
Lindemann wants to raise 100,000 euros for each video token, for a total of one million euros. NFT is available on the marketplace for paying buyers from August 6th. Apart from ten likes, there is little to be found on the project page – there is certainly no demand from buyers.
Flight, accommodation and visa for the buyer and accompanying person must also be included in the purchase price. They will meet in Moscow. However, buyers had to activate this invitation no later than August 22nd. It is quite possible that for the holders of the required amount, this was too short a time for making decisions; moreover, it is necessary to obtain a visa to Russia.
It’s not even that high prices and little public interest usually scare away NFT buyers. Most recently, Mila Kunis sold 10,000 Stoner Cats in 25 minutes and raised over $ 8 million. 10,000 NFT monkeys on the Solanart marketplace were sold out in ten minutes.
Lindemann is also gaining attention in a different context due to his NFT project. The Hermitage management accuses the Rammstein frontman of copyright infringement. In addition to the clip, Lindemann also sells three animated recordings with motifs from the Hermitage through Twelve X Twelve for prices ranging from 199 to 999 euros. Of the 199 lowest-priced NFT videos in the collection, 19 have already been sold.

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