Rarible offers users a delayed release of NFT

The Rarible platform introduced a feature that allows the issuance of non-fungible tokens (NFT) without transaction costs.

Rarible Platform Introduces Non-Interchangeable NFT Release Feature

According to the statement, the option is intended to lower the barrier to entry for creators. It is also a “step towards sustainability” of the marketplace, as it reduces the number of unnecessary Ethereum transactions associated with the release of unclaimed NFTs.

With the traditional emission of a token, it immediately appears on the blockchain. This means that the issuer must pay a transaction fee, Rarible recalled.

“Thanks to the new ‘deferred minting’ feature, your NFT is not released at the time of creation, but at the time of purchase. In this case, the buyer pays for the gas. Until then, NFT is listed on the market like any other, and the data is securely stored in IPFS (centralized storage), ”the project team explained.

When creating a digital item, the user can select the “Free minting” option and sign the token through the wallet.

After purchase, NFT is automatically issued in the linked wallet and transferred to the new owner.

Rarible also warned that it will be possible to burn pending NFTs only by paying a transaction fee, as is the case with regular tokens.

Recall that in June, Rarible raised $ 14.2 million in a series A funding round.

At the same time, the platform partnered with Twiter in the release of a collection of 140 NFTs by the social network.

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