RippleX launched NFT-Devnet

Developer Nick Bugalis revealed that RippleX has launched NFT-Devnet

Developer Nick Bougalis tweeted that RippleX has launched NFT-Devnet. The XLS-20 based NFT-Devnet is now available for anyone looking to start testing the proposed native NFT extensions for XRPL.

The RippleX team launched NFT-Devnet to make it easy for developers to experiment by building and testing applications that use this new extension for the core registry protocol. For anyone working with Python, there is xrpl-py 1.3.0 which supports XLS-20d.

Nick Bougalis emphasized:

It is important to note that the launch of this sandbox does not in any way affect the XRP registry at this time, nor does it shift our focus on performance and scalability. If anything, it underscores the value we attach to responsible development and scaling. We intend to use NFT-Devnet not only to assess the quality of the implementation and ensure it is as perfect as possible, but also to understand the operational implications of the XLS-20d specification for XRPL. Hopefully other server operators will do the same.

Earlier, experts said that Ripple may turn its attention to Saudi Arabia as part of its future expansion.

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