Robo Dog NFT Collection Announced by Kia America

Kia’s first series of NFTs has officially launched on the Tezos blockchain. The series features the NFT Robo Dog collection, which became the star of the Kia Super Bowl commercial. This NFT robot pet was made available through a partnership with NFT platform and the Petfinder Foundation.

The main beneficiary of this initiative are the animals that will finally find their new home through 90% of all proceeds from primary sales will go to the fund. In addition, 10% of the royalties from each NFT transaction in the secondary market will also go to animals.

The launch of Robo Dog NFT will take place according to the following schedule:

Feb 11: 10,000 NFT Robo Dog Adoption Pass will be released on for free. Holders of these passes will receive pre-sale access to 1 of 10,000 Robo Dog generative NFTs on February 18th.

February 13: 6 one-of-a-kind, art-inspired Robo Dog NFTs will go up for auction with a starting price of $299. The auction will run until February 18 at 12 noon ET. This auction coincides with the 2022 NFL Super Bowl LVI.

February 18: Finally, 10,000 dogs will become available on the NFT platform, coinciding with NBA All-Star Weekend. Adoption Pass owners will have access at 3:00 PM ET, allowing them to purchase pets for $20.22 each. Then at 7 pm ET, a public sale will begin, whereby anyone who does not have an adoption certificate will be able to purchase a Robo-Dog.

Animal rescue by Kia

Kia is an integral part of this CSR project, using its resources to promote animal welfare in the country. Russell Wager, Kia America’s vice president of marketing, stressed that the number of stray animals has recently increased. Obviously, this can be explained by a wave of owners returning to work, giving their pets to animal shelters. Therefore, this initiative will help more pets find the home they deserve thanks to the Petfinder Foundation.

Robo Dog NFTs

Robo Dog NFTs come pre-programmed with characteristics such as breed, age, size, gender, coat length and color. An interesting aspect of the collection is that older and larger dogs are more scarce in the collection. This is contrary to the real world as they are often less desirable. Therefore, perhaps, thanks to this program, they will be more in demand due to their scarcity in the 10k collection.

Kia America

Currently, Kia America is located in Irvine, California and offers the highest quality vehicles throughout the country. The company is growing globally with a range of petrol, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electrified vehicles. In addition, the company is the “Official Automotive Partner” of the NBA, NBA All-Star, NBA Cares and Kia NBA All-Star MVP Award title partner.

Sweet is an NFT platform based in New York. The company has succeeded in attracting leading creators, sports, entertainment and consumer brands worldwide. In 2022, Sweet will continue to offer a variety of programs that will appeal to both sophisticated and novice NFT collectors. Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet, is very excited about this initiative as he is a dog owner himself.

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