Russian artists to create NFT sneakers, 3D print them and sell them at auction

Russian artists will create NFT sneakers with elements in the form of a human spine, plasters, tree branches, and will sell the lots along with a physical copy printed on a 3D printer at the Rarible auction.

SuperStep’s CryptoSneakers project will release 5 models of NFT sneakers.

  • i61 artist – TOT1 sneakers are supplemented with characters of the invented race from the multiverse of the author of “Angelwave”;
  • artist Anna Katish – cartoon-style sneakers with decorative elements in the form of an eye, teeth, plasters and tree branches;
  • artist Yoshimitszu – chunky sneakers in dark colors with rounded corners with dark aesthetics and a human spine reminiscent of the lace-up pattern on the shoe;
  • artist Arthur Sozidai – sneakers that embody the hyperbole of modern trends in product design, when simplicity of production and functionality prevails over aesthetic features.

The NFT sneaker auction will take place on the Rarible platform on July 4th. Buyers will receive physical copies printed on a 3D printer. The proceeds will be sent to a charitable foundation to support the initiatives of local representatives of the creative industries.

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