Samsung Announces NFT Support on Smart TVs

Samsung Shows New NFT Integration Feature

Given that 2021 has been a year of unprecedented popularity for NFTs, it should come as no surprise that major tech companies include non-fungible tokens in their product lines. Samsung today revealed a new NFT integration feature called “HMT Aggregation Platform” for smart TVs.

The platform, which will be available on Samsung’s MicroLed, Neo QLED and The Frame models, allows users to view and purchase NFTs. The platform displays non-fungible tokens from multiple marketplaces, so users can preview objects and see other important details, such as who created the work, as well as the corresponding blockchain metadata.

Those who already own NFT can also use the platform to showcase their collection. Samsung notes that its ‘Smart Calibration’ technology can automatically adjust the TV’s settings to the original creator’s specifications so that the picture is displayed on the TV as faithfully as possible.

Thus, the giant aims to be the first electronics company to implement NFT in TVs.

In 2021, the non-fungible token sector has grown significantly thanks to the emergence of countless celebrities and global brands.

Athletes, businessmen, musicians, politicians and everyone in between have begun to join the industry as NFTs provide them with new ways to interact with fans and more.

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