Samsung launches NFT-enabled virtual store on Decentraland

South Korean tech giant Samsung has recently been involved in NFT and Metaverse. Less than a month later, the brand unveiled its never-before-seen line of NFT-enabled TVs. And now Samsung hits the bull’s eye again by announcing the news on its brand new built Samsung 837X store to launch its virtual counterpart in the Decentraland metaverse!

Users will be able to get 837NFT badges

With at least three of the latest cutting-edge VR projects under its belt, such as Samsung Connectivity Theater, Sustainability Forest and Customization Stage, Samsung’s VR Store will have a lot to show off to its visitors. For example, users exploring the theater and the forest will be able to take part in quests to earn 837NFT badges while enjoying a “mixed reality live dance party” hosted by DJ Gamma Vibes.

The 837X project is making waves in the cryptocurrency space, charting the company’s future course, inextricably linked to NFT and Metaverse. Take your chance to check out the Decentraland-powered Samsung Store as opening times are limited!

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