Sapien Network Startup Launches NFT Passports for Digital Nation

Details about NFT-passports

The Sapien Network project, which is creating the world’s first digital nation, is issuing NFT passports as a key to enter a community-driven social platform.

The startup aims to empower people and solve the problems of scaling through a decentralized, sovereign, digital nation.

The passport is a unique NFT that provides Sapien Tribe citizenship holders with the following options:

  • Identify yourself while maintaining privacy and share the right set of data;
  • Build a reputation and record your contribution in the social registry;
  • Access exclusive events and digital spaces in the Sapien Metaverse;
  • Create social currencies backed by a network of tribes.

The Sapien team is very honored to see how enthusiastic the community is about the Sapien Network. Most social media platforms censor posts, limit privacy, and sell user data, and we believe it’s time for a change.

Sapien will use blockchain to put the benefits of social media back into the hands of the people. We understand that the true value creator on a social network is the user,” said Sapien CMO Hash K.

The public sale of NFT passports started on March 23rd.

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