Search engine Yahoo! will open an NFT store in Taiwan

At the end of March, Yahoo! Taiwan, the Taiwanese department of the American search engine Yahoo!, will start selling NFTs through its own store called the Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store.

The trading platform will be developed by the creators of the Blocto cryptocurrency wallet. The first collection of non-fungible tokens to appear on the site will be dedicated to the Yahoo! Taiwan.

NFT will be available to everyone!

Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store will support payment in both fiat currencies and digital assets. Owners of store-bought NFTs will receive exclusive rewards from the search engine.

Yahoo! Taiwan will make NFTs available to everyone and will launch a platform through which Taiwanese token creators can enter the NFT market,” said Yahoo! Chen-Te Lin.

As conceived by the authors of the project, local companies and non-profit institutions will sell their own collections of tokens in the store. Therefore Yahoo! Taiwan plans to enter into partnership agreements with enterprises that want to release unique digital content and make money from it.

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