Shopify NFT App by GigLabs Simplifies Site Integration

Blockchain company GigLabs has announced an NFT app for the Shopify app.

Blockchain company GigLabs has just announced its NFT app for the Shopify app store. This new NFT app allows Shopify Plus merchants to sell NFT on the Shopify storefront in minutes. Moreover, this application makes it easy to work with NFT. Sellers do not require any prior experience in selling NFTs to use this feature.

The next evolution of e-commerce is NTF, and the GigLabs NFT App on the Shopify App Store allows select businesses to quickly and easily offer NTF to their consumers. Our growing ecosystem of NFT applications demonstrates our commitment to offering merchants an affordable approach to selling digital assets directly through their Shopify stores. ”

BreakingT and Infinite Objects were the first companies to launch NFT using the GigLabs Shopify NFT app. BreakingT is a clothing company that celebrates key sports moments in real time. Infinite Objects specializes in video printing. Together, the two companies worked with GigLabs to design and develop this innovative app.

Another key point of the new application is its integration with the Flow blockchain. Shopify Plus sellers can mine and sell NFT on Flow, the fastest growing blockchain in the world. In addition to having 2 million accounts and 10 million NFT secondary market transactions, Flow is greener than other blockchains as it is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain.

This integration is a big win for GigLabs and Shopify. Most importantly, it allows Shopify sellers to expand into the metaverse and keep everything in one place. This move was a wise decision for Shopify, especially since platforms like Metaplex have already advertised themselves as “Shopify for NFT”.

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