ATTENTION! SinVerse will sell NFT business licenses in the second half of March 2022

The first part of NFT tokens will be presented for a closed sale, the results of which will also affect the official start of sales.

These NFTs will be crucial and will be specific to each area of ​​the game, such as Cartel, Red Light District, Chinatown, or the Strip. What are the benefits of an NFT business license? Licenses operate in different ways and differ in their use. For example, if you wish, you can build a casino using several licenses, since this will require you to attach several metalands.

Licenses can be rented. Either through a meta agreement or through a peer-to-peer mechanism, which means that participating in a peer-to-peer lease will lock your land for further use for the duration of the agreement.

But most importantly, the player will no longer need a license to conduct business in the metaverse, since everyone will have a general license. At the same time, it should be taken into account that users of exclusive and premium licenses will be able to build highly profitable enterprises.

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