Skelly trait Doodles NFT for 170ETH

A skeleton wearing a Doodle helmet #559 has just been sold for 170 ETH or $540.5K. This sale followed an astounding sale for 296.69 ETH or $1.1 million for NFT “Gold Ape” Doodles; this sale was the highest ever sale of NFT Doodles.

This week turned out to be extremely successful for Doodle. In addition to Doodle #559 and chart-topping Doodle #6914, other NFT Doodles, namely #7751 and #3954, were also bought by NFT collectors this week for 200 ETH ($635.9K) and 150 ETH ($477K) respectively. Over the past seven days, the collection has reached a volume of 11.9K ETH and a minimum price of 10.9 ETH on OpenSea.

Why are NFT Doodles so popular?

After the surge of interest and volume of NFT, Doodles interested already experienced collectors who are looking for a project that competes with BAYC or Cool Cats.

In short, Doodles is a community-driven project featuring the works of Burnt Toast, aka creative illustrator Scott Martin. The collection stands out from the crowd thanks to its cute and colorful NFT. The total number of the collection is limited to 10,000 NFT. Moreover, each Doodle allows its owner to become a part of the community. Thanks to their Doodle, NFT owners can also vote for experiences paid for from the treasure trove of the Doodles community.

The era of NFT Exhibitions

Doodles is also making its way into physical stores. Currently, they are presented as part of the dynamic Artcade retail exhibition by Fred Segal on Sunset Boulevard. This exhibition features works by Doodles along with expensive works by BAYC, MAYC and Cool Cats. In general, this exhibition introduces luxury goods consumers to NFT and allows to expand the circle of potential collectors

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