SolArt: How to get your hands on new and promising TAE on Solano

Last year was undoubtedly the year of the NFT. Despite the fact that the industry was mainly dominated by Ethereum-based NFTs, the numerous shortcomings of this network led to the emergence of a strong competitor: Solana NFTs. The attractive features of Solana include lower gas fees, higher energy efficiency and high scalability – all of which have led more and more creators and collectors to Sol Art.

Why should you do Sol Art?

Unsurprisingly, NFT Solana found themselves in the spotlight in 2021. Moreover, the growing interest in Sol Art has led to a huge growth of its native cryptocurrency Solana (SOL). According to Business Insider, a year later the cost of SOL increased by almost 9500%. To put the situation in perspective, by investing just $150 in SOL at the beginning of 2021, by the end of 2021 you would have received more than $14,000.

Not to mention the sale of several NFT Solana for millions of dollars! In September, NFT Degenerate Ape was sold for about $1.1 million, which was the first sale of NFT for a million dollars on the network. This was followed by the sale of the Solana Monkey for $2 million the following month.

According to reports, from August to November 2021, secondary sales of Solana NFT reached $ 500 million. In September alone, it raised $189.4 million. Even if you look at the top blockchains in terms of NFT sales over the past 30 days, Solana ranks third, second only to Ethereum and Ronin, according to the CryptoSlam rating.

“While Ethereum remains the dominant leader of the NFT market today, Solana has begun to reclaim its space in the NFT landscape”” Mason Nystrom, an analyst at Messari, said on Twitter.

All this points to the huge possibilities of the NFT ecosystem on Solano. In addition, TAE on Solano is more accessible than on Ethereum, which makes it especially attractive for new investors. Since the uptrend of Solana is likely to continue in 2022, we’ll tell you how you can invest in Sol Art!

How to buy Solana NFTs

Before you can buy SolArt, you will need three things: a Solana wallet, a little SOL, and a Solana marketplace.

1.Create a Solana Wallet
Since SolArt is on the Solana blockchain, Ethereum wallets such as Meta Mask will not help here. If you send SOL to MetaMask, it will practically disappear forever. Instead, you need a Solana wallet like Phantom, Solflare or Collet. Of these, Phantom is the most popular – consider it a MetaMask in the Solana world.

Follow these simple steps to set up a Phantom Wallet:

Go to the website and select your browser (Chrome, Brave, Firefox or Edge). Conversely, if you use Chrome, you can directly add an extension from the Chrome Web Store.
Install the Phantom browser extension.
Click “Create a new wallet”, save the recovery secret phrase, come up with a password and click confirm. Everything is ready!

2.Purchase SOL
Next, you will need some SOL to buy Sol Art on the stock exchanges. You can simply buy SOL on supported exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase or FTX and send them to your wallet. Alternatively, you can add stable USDT coins to the Phantom and exchange them for SOL in your wallet.

3.Find Solana Marketplace to Buy Sol Art
Now it’s time to purchase Sol Art! To do this, there are several trading platforms based on Solana. The most popular option is Solanart, which offers curated NFT collections such as Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory, SolPunks and Galactic Gecko Space Garage. To date, the total sales amounted to 4.5 million SOL. DigitalEyes is another Solana marketplace, which presents such collections as the hit Solana Monkey Business and Frakt. You can also get acquainted with the open trading platform NFT, Solsea.

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