Sony to launch 3D NFT with Theta Labs

Theta Labs Helps Sony Launch 3D NFTs Compatible with Spatial Reality Display

The Japanese corporation Sony Electronics announced the launch of a new project in partnership with the video broadcasting service based on the blockchain technology Theta Labs. The aim of the cooperation is the release of non-fungible tokens (NFT) with 3D visualization. A press release announced a 3D NFT mask called The Tiki Guy. A total of 10 such tokens will be issued.

The development team claims that 3D NFTs will be released at a new technological level, the main innovation of which is the ability to view 3D objects only on a monitor without a traditional headset.

Sony Electronics has been producing Sony Spatial Reality Display since November 2020. The technology creates a three-dimensional image on the screen based on the movements of the viewer’s eyes, which is processed by artificial intelligence.

Theta Labs head Mitch Liu believes that NFTs and the metaverse now have “tremendous potential” for 3D visualization, and while the efforts of other developers in the industry have been limited to 2D space, a new project with Sony Electronics is working on the near future of the metaverse with the ability to get “physical presence” in the space next to the object.

Sony Electronics CEO Nika Colsi added that the release of the NFT is a way to showcase the capabilities of the new technology.

Earlier, the editors reported about the debunked myth about cryptocurrency mining on the PlayStation 5, which is produced by Sony Electronics. In 2021, a news appeared in the Chinese edition, which was soon spread by other online publications around the world, about the Chinese Gu Yifan, who was able to bypass the developers and taught his console to mine Ethereum.

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