Sotheby’s sells NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club set from Yuga Labs for $ 24.4 million

The NFT hype is far from over. Auction house Sotheby’s recently sold a collection of 107 NFTs in the form of cartoon monkeys for $ 24.4 million. The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection has collected one of the largest sums ever paid for an NFT. The record is still held by artist Beeple, who auctioned $ 69 million for his work in NFT form.
The collection was created as part of the Yuga Labs project and includes 10,000 randomly generated images of cartoon monkeys in various outfits. There are different levels of rarity. Depending on what kind of hats, facial expressions or accessories the monkeys have, their value is determined.
The Bored Ape project started in April and quickly became a success. Meanwhile, the cheapest NFT collection costs $ 80,000, and the average price per token is hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The trend towards the use of non-fungible tokens has recently declined slightly. However, this case proves that digital art can still generate large sums of money. For example, the digital stones of the Ethereum-based EtherRock project.
Two of them recently grossed over $ 100,000 in sales, Decrypt writes. The works are only multi-colored pictures with cartoon stones. Buyers only receive a digital certificate of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.
The NFT series includes 100 stones – they are the same shape, but different colors. The first of the stones sold at the end of last year for about $ 300 (on air).

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