Fractal Blue Entertainment studio invites everyone to get acquainted with their space-themed VR games and NFT tokens

Their first game, Lunar Odyssey, launched on February 22 based on detailed NASA mission documentation. The game uses modern topographic satellite images of the Orontius crater, the exact dimensions of the Lunar Module 2 and an exact VR replica of the spacesuit. These elements, combined with cutting-edge VR technology, provide an amazing experience with high resolution and realism.

Advantages of VR games and NFT tokens from Fractal Blue Entertainment

The unique accuracy and high resolution of graphics formed the basis of their NFT collection. With this, the company intends to attract fans of digital art, who primarily appreciate realism and the huge amount of time spent on their creation. The first collection of Space: For All Mankind NFT includes short videos of astronauts descending to the surface of the Moon under the flag of a user-selected country. They were created based on real images and references to the classic NASA xEMU space suit.

The tokens include the flags of 14 countries that currently have space programs. The collection is already available on OpenSea. It bypasses in its colorfulness and uniqueness similar space arts, such as SpacePunksClub or The SpaceBulls.

The artists and developers at Fractal Blue Entertainment really spent a lot of time studying the NASA documents provided to them in order to take them as a basis for their projects and models.

Many gaming companies have faced criticism from users in their transition to NFTs. Many people think that this is how game makers want to cash in on players. Fractal Blue wants to enter the gaming industry and bring NFT into their space, but remove microtransactions and paywalls that prevent fairness on the platform. They believe that in every game released, “fun” should always come first before NFTs are introduced.

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