Square Enix producers believe that NFT and the metaverse will change the gaming industry

The president of Square Enix hopes that NFT and blockchain games will become the main trend in the gaming industry in the future. Obviously, he couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for the blockchain space in the company’s New Year’s letter.

Square Enix Global is a Japanese entertainment company and a mammoth in the gaming industry. Notable products include Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. Currently, one of the most anticipated games, For spoken, is available for pre-orders.

Enix has recently released its own collection of NFT.

Opening the envelope. The President mentioned 3 key areas with which the company is entering 2022: artificial intelligence, cloud and blockchain games. However, the third direction dominated most of the writing. Square Enix is no stranger to this trend and has recently released its own NFT collection.

In his brief statement, he indicated that his ultimate goal is to achieve “decentralized games.” Ideally, this game model will have self-sustaining growth unlike traditional games. Blockchain games allow users to contribute to existing content where users can freely express their creativity within the game. User-generated content can make the game more fun for a more diverse audience.

He also noted the P2E model, which received explosive development in 2021, with games such as Axie Infinity and Wolf Game. This model mainly uses NFT to get monetary rewards in the game. However, he understands that their existing audience is not yet inclined to accept games on the blockchain.

The gaming industry is undergoing rapid changes due to the growth of augmented reality. These include the cloud, 5g and blockchain technology. The company believes that the metaverse and NFT are in their infancy, and in 2022 there will be more active implementation.

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