Stepn x BAYC

A few days ago, the developers of Stepn made an announcement, declaring a collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, which is popular in the NFT space. Other than the date, there were no details at the time.

The Stepn team took to Twitter yesterday to give some details, confirming earlier rumors of a third world being created around this collaboration. What is waiting for us?

According to the message, if the player has obtained the Sneaker Enhancement Double Sneaker, they can obtain the APE Sneaker in the third world. Moreover, each sneaker with a double improvement (for example, if 5 common sneakers received 1 rare during the synthesis) is equivalent to one APE sneaker.

In another tweet, the developers shared the rules. It is known that this event has already begun and will end a day before the launch of the third world. The exact launch date for the third world will be known on July 1st. On the same day, the developers promised to reveal all the details of a possible collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club. However, if a player has bought or sold double upgrade shoes, they will not receive APE shoes.

It is unknown if there is another way to get the APE sneakers when the third world is launched. By the way, this was the main question of many users of the application under the post with the announcement.

Stepn, meanwhile, was really able to create a buzz among users with a single tweet announcing the third world. The app has been activated by scammers. They started sending bogus NFTs linked to Bored Ape Yacht Club through the app. The game team has already sent a message to users, where they warned about the scheme. The team asked not to open the message of the scammers and not to try to delete it, as it turned out that it was difficult to do this without proper technical knowledge.

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