Steve Aoki introduces the Metaverse and NFT platform “A0K1VERSE”

Celebrity Producer Launches His Own Metaverse and NFT Platform

Steve Aoki has been an outspoken supporter of the NFT for the past year and has been making significant profits in the process. His first NFT collection called “Dreamcatcher” earned over $4 million back in March 2021. Now, the producer has launched his own metaverse and NFT platform called “A0K1VERSE”.

“A0K1VERSE” is described as “a new ecosystem integrating the real world with Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 that rewards NFT collectors, creates a new experience for members” and intends to become a “tokenized social club”.

Membership on the platform offers exclusive access to both physical and digital rewards such as free tickets to Steve Aoki concerts, early access to Aoki NFT releases, private events, free clothing, digital devices, and more.

According to Aoki, the “basic building blocks” of A0K1VERSE will be A0K1’s lending and a “passport” through which one can become a citizen of the Aoki Metaverse. AoK1 lending is NFT and there is a total of 30,000 while passports are obtained by redeeming various amounts of A0K1 lending.

Steve Aoki has already competed in the new metaverse, and his most recent appearance was at the 2022 Australian Open in Decentraland.

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