STYLE.ME x XRSPACE Brings Digital Fashion to the Metaverse

STYLE.ME, a leading company in the digital fashion industry, and XRSPACE, the pioneer of the next generation of visual reality in the Metaverse, have announced a strategic partnership to bring digital fashion to the Metaverse.

The first joint project was a fashion show in the metaverse, which took place on July 28 on the GOXR platform. Visitors could enjoy breathtaking displays, try on and purchase digital clothes. It has become one of the few unique phygital experiences that aims to enhance the usefulness of digital fashion.

STYLE.ME x XRSPACE Brings Digital Fashion to the Metaverse

“From day one, the goal of STYLE.ME has been to enable consumers to visualize and interact with fashion in the digital space. This partnership allows brands and designers to take the first step into the metaverse and interact with new audiences in these virtual worlds,” said STYLE.ME President Rufus Parkinson.

This collaboration unleashes creativity and opens up new opportunities in digital commerce. According to GOXR CEO Kurt Liu, this partnership will be the first step in providing Generation Z with unlimited opportunities to personalize digital avatars in the metaverse.

XRSPACE launched the two metaverses PartyOn and GOXR in 2021. At GOXR, creatives, businesses, brands, museums and galleries can easily create their own metaverse and interact with users through virtual events. The platform provides 3D showrooms, digital avatars, AI, and more.

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