Surgeon created NFT from X-ray and now he is threatened with court

A French orthopedic surgeon could be sued and subject to possible disciplinary action for intending to use a patient’s x-ray to create an NFT and sell it.

x-ray of the patient to create an NFT

Emmanuelle Masméjan wanted to sell an x-ray of a concert goer who was injured in a terrorist attack on the Bataclan music hall in 2015. The NFT hype may have clouded the orthopedic surgeon’s mind as he tried to sell the image as a digital collectible without the patient’s consent.

The NFT file contains a picture of the forearm of a patient with a bullet from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, it was sold on OpenSea for $2,776.

On Saturday, the incident was confirmed by the head of the Paris State Hospital Martin Hirsch. He called the surgeon’s actions “undignified and reprehensible”:

This behavior is contrary to professional practice, compromises medical confidentiality, and is contrary to the values ​​of the AP-HP (Hospital Authority of Paris) and the public health service.

When Masmezhan was asked to comment on his action, he said that this step was a big mistake. He regrets that he did not try to get permission from the patient.

As for the patient herself, her identity is not disclosed, but it is known that her boyfriend was killed during the attack on the Bataclan.

In this regard, the association of victims of the attacks, Life for Paris, released a statement saying that they “stand next to the victim of the attack, who has now become the victim of stupidity … on the part of the” doctor “who apparently forgot about his code of ethics.”

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