T-Series Announces Upcoming Foray into the NFT Market

As you know, absolutely any commercial company is in constant pursuit of popularity, for the acquisition of which any methods are used. Of course, with the growing hype around non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the number of those who decided to gain popularity at their expense began to grow. Now the T-Series has become another example of this.

T-Series announces its partnership with Polygon for its participation in the NFT market

T-Series is currently Asia’s largest music label and publisher. In addition, it is also the most famous film studio in India. More than 90 million people join every month in music, games and videos, while their Youtube channel boasts the number one subscriber position. Finally, T-Series is followed by 75 million people on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And now it’s being reported to this multi-million audience of T-Series that now this music label is about to make a foray into the NFT market. To do this, he decided to partner with HEFTY Entertainment, a division of Hungama, one of the largest digital entertainment media companies in South Asia. In addition, the partnership will include Polygon Studios, as well as Polygon’s NFT division.

T-Series plans its expansion into the metaverse

And of course, according to the precepts of Facebook, almost any attempt to interact with the cryptocurrency market eventually leads to the fact that the company begins to talk about its plans to create a metaverse. and T-Series is no exception to this rule, as HEFTY Entertainment is building its own version of this technology called the Hefty Metaverse. And according to the latest announcement from T-Series President and CEO, Neeraj Kalyan, through this partnership, all fans of this music label will be able to access this metaverse for “an experience that money can’t buy. In addition, Kalyan emphasized that the T-Series was able to achieve its current popularity only because it implemented the latest technological advances in a timely manner, and therefore it could not lose sight of such a well-known technology as NFT.

Of course, such a statement from one of the most famous music labels once again speaks of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, which, despite all the hardships, continues to grow. At the same time, even the current cryptocurrency climate in India, which is still developing a new bill on digital assets, the early versions of which assumed a complete ban on cryptocurrencies, could not affect the policy of the T-Series.

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