Tales of Xtalnia (XTAL) listed on XT.com with USDT trading pair

Users can access the XTAL/USDT trading pair in the main zone once the XTAL token is listed on XT.com (Metaverse). With the introduction of this new trading pair, XT users will soon have another investment option.

The main currency of the XTAL ecosystem is the Tales of Xtalnia (XTAL) token. A free-to-play game based on the blockchain ecosystem that allows you to earn money, with rouge-like elements, is called Tales of Xtalnia. On June 21, 2022, his IDO sold out in less than six minutes. Not all blockchain games successfully combine fun gameplay with the “play to earn” elements included in these games. Tales of Xtalnia offers more than meets the eye with an ingenious weapon system, multiple game types, character and group customization, an NFT marketplace, and a two-token economy.

Users will be able to trade XTAL/USDT at any time once the XTAL listing is online, giving them access to cutting-edge features on XT.com. The ongoing expansion of token listings on the platform in 2022 and beyond will depend on the listing of XTAL Token.

Tales of Xtalnia gives players the ability to create their own party of three characters, unlike other gun-based blockchain games where they are limited to using just one. With a larger group size, players can use more NFTs in the game, which increases the demand for the NFT market and the tokenomics of the game.

The game control token, XTAL, has a pre-determined number of tokens and a carefully adjusted vesting schedule to ensure token price stability, and can be staked by players who wish to invest in the game.

The core gameplay of most blockchain-based online games is focused on either PVE or PVP, but not both. Tales of Xtalnia aims to provide both gameplay options to appeal to a wider range of players who may prefer one play style over the other. The game formats PVE and PVP, which are rarely seen in blockchain games, are suitable for games that need to earn money.

Trading professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this new opportunity to expand their trading potential and accelerate the widespread adoption of the token as XT.com prepares the ground for the listing of XTAL. XT.com users will always get the safest, most efficient and expert digital asset. At the same time, XT.com keeps its doors open for companies offering new coin listings.

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