Test 1 for @OthersideMeta

null.eth uploaded Test 1 for @OthersideMeta to his twitter. This is very cool. You understand that the metaverse is a new society. Soon it will be trouble to implant nano cells in the head. There will be those who pay to use, and those who earn by giving their body to use. In the metaverse, of course.

Let’s talk about OthersideMeta
Well, actually, the metaverse was launched. All virtual land plots, which are called Otherdeeds, were sold out in just 3 hours. According to Yuga Labs: “This is unprecedented! exceeded our wildest expectations!”

Aaah, how sincere and not hypocritical .. Come on, guys, everyone understands that this haircut was started with such a calculation! Moreover, I sincerely believe that in the future they will make another “unique offer” and release a couple of tens of thousands of new land plots in addition to the 55,000 that have already been purchased.
Do you know who has 22 million ape coins? Watch here

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