Pavel Muntyan decided to create the first NFT animated series in Russia

The co-founder of the virtual state Freeland, screenwriter and producer Pavel Muntyan, together with his team, decided to create the first animated series in Russia in NFT format, as well as a character generator. Anyone can generate a character to their liking and purchase it, thereby supporting the production of an animated series.

According to the producer, this idea occupied him for a long time:

“With a full-length film, everything is clear: I went to the cinema, bought a ticket, made a contribution to the box office – voila, I supported the project! However, things are different with TV shows.”

He explains that many do not fully understand the structure of support for series projects. Series are usually released on video services. The user pays only a monthly fee for access to the video service, but not for a specific project. The concept of distribution by the service of royalties for each series is not entirely fair. The most popular project on the video service receives a larger percentage of royalties, but sometimes a user wants to support a specific series, and this is not always the one that is in the tops.

As for NFT collections, by acquiring a project, you support it and its author, regardless of which platform it is located on. This system became fundamental in the production of Paul’s new project.

He also mentioned the difficulties faced in creating an animated series. First of all, we are talking about investments. For the release of three seasons, a minimum of $5.2 million is required. Therefore, a reasonable solution in today’s realities is the integration of NFT, since it immediately becomes clear whether the project will be successful, whether a certain number of investors are ready to finance the project.

Pavel’s team has already created an animation project on the topic of blockchain and NFT

Previously, Pavel’s team successfully created an animation project on the topic of blockchain and NFT. The partners of the satirical series were representatives of the 2 × 2 TV channel. When NFTs became hugely popular last year, they created their first collection based on the show’s character. This experience was decisive in creating the first NFT animated series in Russia.

According to Pavel, they started their project by releasing a collection of NFTs with the key characters of the future series on the Binance and Rarible platforms. The successful sale propelled his team to the next step, the creation of generative NFTs.

Anyone can generate a character token of the Take My Muffin series without being tied to any platform or NFT. You can pay a commission for this token, and then put it up for sale on any platform.

Token holders have benefits. For example, NFT gives access to unlocked material on the series’ official website. Some users can watch episodes before others, while others will have a chance to vote on the organization of the site or the series itself.

The animated series will be released in the first quarter of this year. It took about three years to create the plot, character arcs, and the overall concept of the project. Representatives of the project explain that this is a very fast time for a regular serial production.

The Take My Muffin series will talk about current topics in digital technology and the crypto world. Despite the seriousness of the topics, the series promises to be easy and fun to watch.

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