The gaming industry is outraged by the development of NFT and blockchain in Epic Games products

The operator of the gaming platform Steam, Valve, has updated the rules of its store, so games that sell NFT or cryptocurrency are generally now banned. Due to this new provision, the Age of Rust game was excluded from the marketplace. The developers said they had lost the battle with Valve. They wanted to include NFT in the game. What worried Steam was that in-game items were of real value.

Epic Seizes The Chance To Set New Rules

Epic Games has been trying to steal market share from Steam for years and with huge capital investments. Apparently, the company has no projects with crypto-assets yet: Epic says they are ready to work with early developers in this new area. CEO Tom Sweeney made it clear in his tweet that blockchain can be used regardless of whether a particular application is successful.

Critics warn that energy is wasted

The biggest criticism is that the environmental impact of crypto products appears to be very strong. Despite climate neutral vendors, much of the blockchain economy is responsible for massive increases in CO2 emissions. Critics talk about a huge waste of energy and global warming. In this regard, Epics’ decision is disastrous. Others have stressed that blockchain is technology neutral and only cryptocurrencies have made it an ecological disaster. Some critics have cited money laundering, gambling and NFT scams.

Rules, laws and approvals

In terms of specific publications, Epic immediately narrowed down the claims. Sweeney has ruled out Epic’s involvement in this area in the past. In addition, developers are not allowed to use Epic’s proprietary payment system.

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