The infamous social network Parler breaks into the world of NFT

The controversial social media app Parler is expanding in the NFT world. Parler is the home of so-called “free speech” and has extensive connections with the alt-right. It became infamous in January 2021 after the deadly attack on the US Capitol. The protesters, who did not like the outcome of the elections, tried to take over the building.

Parler was instrumental in planning the attack, with users plotting the conspiracy online. As a result, it was closed. Major technology platforms including Apple and Google have refused to host the site.

Last week, former US First Lady Melania Trump teamed up with Parler to launch her own NFT and blockchain venture. Former US President Donald Trump is one of the biggest and most famous names on Parler. Trump reached out to Parler after being kicked out of Twitter.

Parler NFT Collections Under Development

In addition, Parler claims to be a free speech alternative to popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. However, freedom of speech does not mean hatred. Parler is home to far-right content including racism, anti-Semitism, and Q-Anon’s baseless conspiracy theories.

Melania Trump’s NFT is just the beginning and Parler intends to expand his collection. The company said, “Parler will continue to evolve its digital offering by creating an NFT pipeline that fosters community building and creativity while fulfilling its commitments to freedom of expression and safety.”

Interestingly, Parler does not consider all statements to be free. People criticizing the platform have been blocked.

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