The National Museum of Ukraine opened the sale of NFT exhibits

On February 1, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, in cooperation with the Estonian startup StampsDaq, launched an auction of paintings in the form of NFTs


Exclusive tokens are available on the StampsDaq NFT marketplace and are divided into five categories depending on the degree of rarity. Their cost ranges from $25 to $1000.

Each painting is digitized using animation and sound elements.

In the future, NFT holders will be able to receive, in addition to the token, tickets to the museum, a tour of the permanent exhibition of the museum, or a thematic tour of a specific historical period.

The NFT collection of the National Art Museum will be updated every two weeks. It currently includes the following pictures:

  1. Vsevolod Maksimovich, “Carnival” 1913;
  2. Alexander Murashko, Woman with Flowers, 1918;
  3. Alexandra Exter, “The Bridge (Sevres)”, 1912;
  4. Petr Rybka, “Cossack Mamai” 1855;
  5. Vsevolod Maksimovich, “Self-portrait”, 1913.

In the coming years, the partners hope to digitize hundreds of museum exhibits.

According to the Director of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Yulia Litvinets, NFTs help to reveal the context of the creation of paintings, and at the same time encourage the audience to visit the museum in person and examine the original works with their own eyes.

Recall that Russian MP Anton Gorelkin suggested that NFT marketplaces open representative offices in the Russian Federation to continue legal work in the country. So far, the term of non-fungible tokens has not been enshrined in Russian legislation.

In September 2021, the State Hermitage held an auction of NFT paintings. With the help of the Binance NFT marketplace, the museum managed to sell over 32 million rubles worth of tokens.


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