The NFT collection is now being launched by the manufacturer of Bicycle playing cards

The popular manufacturer of Bicycle playing cards has announced the release of its first NFT collection called “Genesis Collection”. It was designed by the artist Adrian Valenzuela, and the first element of the collection appeared on the Kolektiv trading NFT platform yesterday.

The Bicycle brand has been well known since the distant 1885. And now, after almost 136 years, a company with a long history joins the modern world of blockchain, presenting its first NFT collection. Digital works of art created by Adrian Valenzuela, reports news.bitcoin.

Bicycle is a traditional brand that has been at the forefront of playing cards for more than 135 years, and the launch of NFT marks a special moment in our history when we bridge the gap between tradition and innovation.

He believes that such a look into the future will help to further attract new users and a new generation, but at the same time will remain true to the history of the company.

The NFT creation will appeal to the user for the following reasons

According to the manufacturer, their NFT creation will allow the collector to go on a “journey with Bicycle, from constant support to benefits, including access to exclusive events, pre-sales and white lists of future “bicycle” NFTs.”

We can say that the announced NFTs will serve as a kind of VIP membership for the “elite Bicycle collectors club”.

NFT cards (from tens to aces and jokers) will appear in groups every few days. The release of jokers will be unexpected. In addition, it is assumed that Bicycle will put up for sale 8,008 NFT items also on December 16. It is said that among these unique cards there will be “an animated case for cards, as well as special coin numbers from 1 to 8 008”. Bicycle’s NFT can be purchased for crypto assets, as well as for US dollars through the Shopify plugin.

Apparently, the company is very proud of its breakthrough and the opportunity to introduce innovations aimed at the younger generation. Although it is worth remembering that previously such major brands as Pepsi-Cola and Adidas, Coca-Cola and Rolling Stone, as well as TIME, AMC, Disney, Marvel and many others have already joined the world of NFT.

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