The NFT market climate is undergoing significant changes

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Cryptocurrency market segments have separate and rather fast cycles of bearish and bullish stages.

Several events that took place at the beginning of this year contributed to the changes in the NFT market:

  • The emergence of a large number of new users after the release of the book How to NFT by Coingecko;
  • Recently, NFTs have become a good idea for gifts, which has also led to an influx of new users. They also popularize the speculation of non-fungible tokens;
  • New Cash Flows to the NFT world were driven by two recent AirDrops, $SOS and $LOOKS, for OpenSea users;
  • The decline in the price of Ethereum has also led to an influx of new users. The cost of one ETH coin decreased from $4800 to $2500 in a couple of months;
  • Recently, a big surge in profits has occurred in Asian projects and anime. The most popular of them is Azuki.

The circulation of funds in the NFT market usually follows a standard scenario:

  1. Mass advertising and popularization in the media invariably leads to large sales.
  2. The funds that investors receive from large transactions are most often invested in new promising projects. These actions, in turn, lead to a rise in prices for these same projects.
  3. The first experience of selling NFTs – tokens for amounts 10-15 times higher than the one for which they were bought, always cloud the mind. Users who have received some profit from sales begin to buy everything in the hope of repeating the success of the transaction.
  4. At one time, the tendency to buy all the tokens indiscriminately gave a good profit.
  5. As a result, we can conclude that money within the sector moves in a certain cycle.

How can the field of non-fungible tokens succeed? There are a couple of ideas, the implementation of which will lead to changes for the better:

  • Half of NFT’s offer to give away to whitelisters, who on average are typical Filipinos grinding 700 posts a day / catching hundreds of people on discord retweeting these typical projects from mom/sibling accounts.
  • Half of the offer must be driven to the Dutch auction, preferably with a price of 1 ether.

What will be the outcome of this:

  • The emergence of flippers – whitelisters who intend to sell their assets for any profit.
  • The resale crowd quickly learns that resale leads to disaster.
  • Reduced hype and reduced turnover.

What lies ahead for the NFT market?

Undoubtedly, there will be a reset and clearing of the market. Updating and further building quality products.

Catalysts that will help launch a new wave in the NFT market:

AirDrop of the OpenSea token. It will cause a surge of new funds, as well as the re-investment of these funds in new NFT projects.
For the same reason, you need AirDrop NFT $APE and games from Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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