The NFT Stadium Genesis Collection redefines fan engagement

This fantastic NFT stadium ticket collection marks the start of the NFT development agency and marketplace. Their goal is to connect fans and communities with those they follow and support. We are very excited about this unique NFT and its potential for future utility.

NFT Stadium is launching its Genesis Collection this week on February 26th at 11:00 AM ET. The public price of the coins is 0.15 ETH and there are 3,999 NFTs in total.

In essence, they bring the fans closer to their heroes, so take your place in the Stadium. Mint your ticket for exclusive benefits and other rewards, and get closer to the people and brands you admire. Those who are on the whitelist will be able to mine their token on February 24 for 0.12 ETH.

NFT Stadium is the Ultimate Fan Experience

NFT Stadium is an NFT development agency and fan-facing marketplace. Basically, the platform aims to connect passionate fans with their favorite teams, athletes, gamers, musicians, personalities and brands. Although the platform is based on Ethereum, it plans to integrate Polygon and Solana soon.

The platform focuses on expanding fan relationships with their favorite brands. Moreover, it will use NFTs to encourage engagement. In addition, the site and platform offer fans a 360-degree experience and use the NFT to connect fans with their idols.

NFTs have amazing utility and allow fans to connect more deeply with the people and brands they love. Meanwhile, NFT Stadium plans to focus on value for NFT owners. With this in mind, they offer access to fun and exciting fan-oriented activities.

“We believe NFT is more than just a deal, but more of a relationship,” said Katherine Lee, CEO and founder of NFT Stadium. “NFT collecting is a participatory experience and we partner with IP visionaries who see opportunities for ongoing engagement.”

Accordingly, NFT Stadium also has an extensive roadmap. Apparently, they also plan to add new partners during 2022.

The NFT Stadium Genesis Collection is your ticket to these future benefits. Exclusive rewards include whitelist access, early minting access, platform fee reductions, minting cost reductions for future NFT collections, and in-person events.

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