The number of battles played in the NFT project Splinterlands exceeded 2 billion

Details on tactical NFT card game Splinterlands

The tactical NFT card game Splinterlands has crossed the two billion battle mark as of March 25, 2022. This was reported to ForkLog by representatives of the project.

An additional impetus to the growth of activity was the unboxing on March 17th. During the event, Balthazar NFT chief gamer Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård and Splinterlands content creator Bulldog1205 gave away $1 million worth of Chaos Legion card packs.

During the event, 3,000 scholarships from Balthazar and prizes were distributed as part of the drawing of gold cards with 1 BCX.

Million Dollar Splinterlands NFT Unboxing Event

— Splinterlands (@splinterlands) March 17, 2022

Recall that in January in Splinterlands there was a sale of Chaos Legion card sets. During the day, players bought 40% of their total offer. By January 25, the number of battles fought had surpassed 1 billion.

Earlier, the Warner Music Group Corporation and the team associated with the Splinterlands NFT project agreed to cooperate.

According to DappRadar, $1 billion was invested in GameFi infrastructure and blockchain games in January, a quarter of 2021.

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