The reason gamers don’t see P2E in a positive way

By the end of 2022, experts are predicting a total value of $200 billion for the gaming industry. With the development of the NFT space, the adoption of web3 technologies has become a mass phenomenon among game manufacturers. For many, this was successful, and as a result, new games and new game mechanics appeared. However, along with this, the opposite trend was observed, when, due to the dissatisfaction of gamers, large companies had to abandon their initial initiatives.

Experts tried to answer the question why many gamers met blockchain games very negatively.

The most obvious sign is that players are used to the web2 system and are reluctant to accept the new changes. P2E has become a dramatic and important shift in the industry. Some gamers are hesitant to accept these changes.

With the onset of the pandemic, a trend of contempt for miners by players has grown among the gaming community. Then the lockdown was the reason why the prices of crypto assets skyrocketed. The hype around cryptocurrencies is ultimately driven by high GPU performance. But the increase in demand led to higher prices for GPUs, and gamers weren’t happy about it.

Another reason was the close relationship between P2E and NFT. In fact, NFT trading is an integral part of P2E games. However, old-school gamers believe that this is just another bubble that takes value straight out of the cryptocurrency space.

These things make it difficult for gamers to adapt and accept the P2E movement. The web3 games function around the NFT. And if gamers don’t see the value in NFTs, that becomes the main reason to completely abandon crypto-based games.

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