The Shopify NFT app is finally here thanks to Vivid Labs

Vivid Labs, the NFT publishing platform, has announced the release of its Shopify NFT App. This app is now available on the Shopify App Store. During the 2022 competition season, this app powered the first Natural Selection Tour NFT drop.

Following the recent announcement that Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke has joined the board of directors of Coinbase, the global e-commerce platform and its merchants are doubling down on the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. They aim to achieve this step through a partnership with Vivid Labs, a next-generation platform for issuing non-fungicidal tokens.

What awaits you in the new Shopify NFT app?

First, the NFT app allows Shopify Plus merchants to create NFTs with a rich media experience. What’s more, NFT+ features allow you to create NFT-upgradable multi-assets that enhance traditional NFTs. To be clear, the NFT+ features will allow merchants to create NFTs that combine video, audio, images, and 3D objects into one NFT.

Furthermore? You can update your NFTs with new media at any time. The VIVID Shopify NFT App allows Shopify Plus eligible merchants to create and sell NFTs from their Shopify storefront.

Halsey Minor, CEO of Vivid Labs, said, “As e-commerce continues to integrate with blockchain, Vivid Labs is excited to bring our NFT multimedia capabilities to Shopify merchants.”

Natural Selection, an action sports and media company, was the first to use Vivid’s Shopify App to launch NFTs. Over the course of the six days of snowboarding competition, they released NFTs such as exclusive drawings, 3D pistes, live video footage of the pistes and more.

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