The Skyweaver NFT collectible card game launches on November 25

Completing the final testing phase, the developers of the collectible card blockchain game Skyweaver are preparing for the official launch.

The launch scheduled for November 25 marks the transition of the game to the main Polygon network, which will bring players more in-game mechanics, competitive gameplay and an expanded game economy.

Those wishing to play will still need a code to join the waiting list, which already has 250,000 people. However, as soon as the game enters soft start mode, waitlist players will start connecting.

Adding NFT with Gold and Silver Cards to the Game

One drawback for those playing during the final testing phase is that the character’s progress after launch will be reset to zero. On the positive side, the addition of NFTs with gold and silver cards means that players will be able to officially “own” a portion of the game.

Players who ranked on the leaderboard during the beta will receive some of these NFTs as rewards.

There is no specific timeframe for the soft launch, it will continue until the team has collected enough data to warrant further progress towards beta.

In the meantime, players can try out new gameplay, such as Ranked Matches and Conquest Mode.

Players can win their fair share of Silver and Gold cards in Normal modes, however Conquest Mode gives them the chance to win one of two rare cards. It acts like a betting system: players enter matches using a Silver Card (or USDC) as the buy-in to win new Gold / Silver cards or something more.

Unlike ranked matches, Conquest mode works like a “winning streak”: players compete until they lose or win 3 games. Depending on whether the player was knocked out or won, he can win any of the following prizes:

  • 0 wins: no tradable rewards, only experience (XP)
  • 1 win: 1 tradable silver NFT card + XP
  • 2 wins: 2 tradable silver NFT cards + XP
  • 3 wins: 1 tradable gold NFT card and 1 tradable silver NFT card + XP

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