The Weeknd Billboard NFTs Are Still Below 1ETH – Hurry While You Can!

NFT The Weeknd’s Billboard up for auction

Accordingly, each NFT in this special collection has two main designs: the November 2021 Billboard cover featuring The Weeknd 3 trading cards itself, featuring scenes from the iconic “Blinding Lights” music video.
In total, The Weeknd and Billboard offer 7 NFTs, all autographed by the legendary artist. To create these special collectibles, the duo teamed up with Autograph, a popular platform dedicated to Tom Brady.

“The Weeknd joining our board of directors and releasing his upcoming collection with Autograph shows his trust in our ability to bring this collective vision to life,” Dillon Rosenblatt, CEO and co-founder of Autograph, told NFTevening.

More and more pop stars are learning NTF

The Weeknd is undoubtedly the Pop Artist of the Year, and his NFT debut seems just as successful. At the same time, it is a notable milestone for Billboard as well, as the giant is still exploring the NFT market.

“With this collection, we are excited to bring music fans a new, innovative format that will allow them to interact even more with our rankings and deepen their connection to a milestone in music history,” said Billboard President Julian Holguin.

Of course, The Weeknd isn’t the only hitmaker in the pop music industry to use NFT. For example, Post Malone is a big fan of BAYC and even supports a new specialty market called Moonpay which is all about collectibles!

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