TooNFT aims to revolutionize the Webtoon industry with a next generation blockchain platform

Given the rapid evolution associated with technological advances and new developments regarding Web3 and dApps, TooNFT decided to launch a Webtoon decentralized platform with Toomics, which happens to be one of the largest webtoon platforms in South Korea.

The platform also plans to start a gradual transition to a new era of applications built using blockchain technology, with the goal of reaching a new level of adoption for IP addresses that are smoothly incorporated through NFT standards.

TooNFT is a decentralized webcomic application with the common goal of bringing maximum freedom and transparency to the entire industry. TooNFT aims to create a decentralized marketplace by proactively addressing marketplace issues for online comic fans and developing a transparent compensation system that is designed to support and motivate content creators. The main goal of the TooNFT Dapp is to facilitate the transition from centralized platforms to decentralized ecosystems where content producers can get a fair return by “NFTizing” their webtoons and trading them in the P2P NFT marketplace.

What makes TooNFT unique?

The key features of the TooNFT platform are deliberately aimed at bridging the market vacuum for online comic book lovers. The team is developing a platform that will include a content subscription service, community building elements, content selection voted by the DAO project management system, an NFT for content distribution, and profit sharing.

The content subscription service allows authors to publish content without paying a publishing fee. The goal was to provide more options for subscribers as well as increase the accessibility of webtoons. Key performance indicators, reviews, opinions, stars and so on are included here.

Creating a community entails creating community pages to create a community on the same platform. Users can express their views and opinions on community pages and help grow fandoms. The team also intends to develop incentives through which users can be encouraged to participate in social activities through rewards purchased and distributed through posts and comments.

In addition, content selection through DAO governance will start with team discretion and voting progress in the DAO mechanism through decentralized governance. The NFT infrastructure and profit sharing system will attract stakeholders who create, distribute and consume NFT related materials earn a share of the generated revenues.

TOON tokens are used to power all the aforementioned services on the TooNFT platform. The TOON token will be the main asset, providing access to all services and features available in the TooNFT ecosystem. As a result, TOON token holders can stake on tokens and receive rewards by voting in governance procedures.

About TooNFT

TooNFT is the first blockchain-based decentralized Web3 platform aiming to build an industry-leading platform for web cartoons, manga and comics along with Toomics. In fact, one of the leading webtoon platforms with over 60 million users, 22 million MAUs and up to 10 billion page views, Toomics is poised to revolutionize the industry by addressing the industry’s most pressing pain points with innovations in blockchain technology and bringing the TooNFT platform to more wide audience.

Toomics also has a global presence and branches can be found in North America, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. Therefore, key features are focused on facilitating direct exchanges between authors, readers and investors without the need for an intermediary, developing a transparent reward system for investors and creators, and converting web cartoons and manga into tradable NFTs.

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