Toy brand MGA to launch NFT collection featuring LOL Surprise doll

The London-based company Ioconic has been hired to create a collection of tokens, and the site is scheduled to launch in a few weeks.

The LOL Surprise doll was released in September 2017. It became the top-selling toy in the United States for three years. Total sales amounted to $ 25 billion. Fans will be able to exchange their collection of characters, as well as buy and sell items on the Internet.

Ioconic gives brand owners access to NFT

London-based Ioconic gives brand owners access to NFT. Ioconic CEO Jamie Lewis said the entire LOL Surprise digital ecosystem will be built from the ground up.

“For each brand we work with, an individual digital asset strategy is developed, because there are no universal requirements. We have agreed on the terms with the protocol that will form the basis of the LOL Surprise platform. And we will announce this as soon as the site is launched, in two weeks, ”he said.

Ioconic has already worked with entertainment giants such as Disneyland and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

“We worked with these brands with a focus on physical products. Now we are interacting with some of them towards digital assets, ”added Lewis.

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