Toy manufacturers Funko, Mattel and Hasbro have released NFT

NFTs continue to penetrate into different areas of our lives, and the toy industry is no exception. Gradually, toy manufacturers are beginning to integrate non-interchangeable tokens into their business.

Unique collectibles have been released on the WIX NET platform

Thanks to the collaboration of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and three leading toy manufacturers Funko, Mattel and Hasbro, unique collectibles were developed and released on the WAX NFT platform.

The project is based on the patented technology of the vIRL platform, and this will allow it to take a strong place in the thriving collecting sector. According to gWAX product manager Lee Jenkins, “vIRL NFT is the future of commerce, and WAX is starting to be massively introduced into this exciting new technology.”

Mattel released its NFT Hot Wheels Garage on November 16, the collection includes 97,200 NFT presented in four variants.

At the lower level there are basic NFTs, followed by the RARE type, the upper level consists of premium NFTs and Treasure Hunt. Holders of premium NFT and Treasure Hunt are privileged to exchange their vIRL for a physical collectible item.

In October, Hasbro released a limited edition of NFT, this event was broadcast on its Hasbro Pulse website. Fans of the brand were given the opportunity to purchase more than 4,000 different digital assets, and holders could exchange them for real money.

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