TradingView Releases NFT Tarot Cards For Traders

Financial analysis portal TradingView has released non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the form of tarot cards for traders.

158 tokens are listed on the OpenSea marketplace. The minimum bet for each NFT is 0.1 ETH (about $ 480 at the exchange rate at the time of writing).

The cards are made in the style of one of the common design options for the Ryder-Waite Tarot deck. Thematically, they are related to digital assets, fiat currencies, stocks and futures.

At the time of writing, a token called Shiny Diamond Hands has received the highest bid – 10 ETH (about $ 48,000).

Two NFTs from the collection are dedicated to Elon Musk: Papa Elon and his inverted version.

Previously social media platform Nifty’s in partnership with Warner Bros. announced the NFT collection based on The Matrix Resurrection movie.

Recall that the state of California put up for sale a physical license plate with the letters “MM” paired with a non-fungible token on the OpenSea marketplace.

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