Twitch streamers can now create NFTs

Users of the video streaming service Twitch can now create their own NFTs and generate useful tokens that they can distribute to their subscribers.

Mint NFT token platform PlayNFT has announced that it has become one of the companies that received funding under RippleX’s XRPL grant program. As a result, Twitch streamers will be able to create NFTs on the XRPLedger and interact with other gamers and developers to secure the utility of their tokens directly within games. The launch of the initiative is reportedly expected later this month.

Twitch streamers can now create NFTs

Game developers can use the PlayNFT platform and any supported blockchain to create NFT content for gamers. In addition, many marketplaces can also use the PlayNFT functionality to determine which tokens are tied to utility and which are not.

The XRPL Grant Program from the Ripple Foundation provides financial support for software development endeavors. In the second quarter of 2022, this program provided a total of $3 million, which was distributed among 36 participants.

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